I really hate myself for being so into basic ass white boys






nicole is so important


this is obviously rigged!



this is obviously rigged!


horan family dinner
niall: aye! looks like we have a guest for dinner aha whats ye name
greg: ha ha niall it's me, your brother greg!
niall: ha ha



Massachusetts State Police Issue Apology for “Racial Profiling Saves Lives” Bumper Sticker, But Not Before Lying About It

Massachusetts State Police issued an apology Monday for a bumper sticker on one of their police cruisers that read: “Racial Profiling Saves Lives,” but not before lying about it.

Boston resident Chris Kantos, was walking Sunday morning and came across on official police cruiser, number 1183, and noticed an odd bumper sticker on it.

Kantos tweeted this image out immediately.

Instead of apologizing immediately, Boston PD removed the sticker and published a second image of the cruiser with no bumper sticker. Then accused Kantos of photoshopping the image.

“Why on earth would I photoshop something like that?” Kantos asked on Twitter.

read more: http://thefreethoughtproject.com/police-issue-apology-racial-profiling-saves-lives-bumper-sticker-lying/

what the fuck


the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

Katie, I reblogged Justin beibers nudes yesterday.

me: did you know we have a chihuahua
husband: yeah of course, we got him for the kids
me: i thought there was a bat living in our house
me: i called pest control and everything
husband: you what
me: they told me it was a very popular breed
me: and to stop calling them


i thank god every day that i have a nice ass.


The Nekci Menij Show - Ep 29 - “The Single Life”